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October 2017

Join us for the October 23rd - 12:00 pm EST “Biofilms - the Way, Microorganisms Organize their Social Life in Drinking Water” webinar featuring Professor Hans-Curt Flemming, Biofilm Centre at the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany. As a pioneering biofilm researcher, his fascination with biofilms and the bacteria life has fueled his more than 30 years of biofilm work and multiple publications.


What You Will Learn

  • Why microorganisms form biofilms and their role as a contamination source in drinking water.
  • Detection of bacteria and biofilm in water systems.
  • Occurrence and relevance of Viable But Non-culturable Cells (VBNC) by clinically-relevant bacteria.
  • Influence of plumbing materials on bacterial and biofilm growth. 
  • Influence of chemical disinfection on bacterial and biofilm growth.



Professor Hans-Curt Flemming

Professor Emeritus 

Biofilm Centre, University Duisburg-Essen 

Water Academy - Germany